Sea Port Refrigerating Terminal

Portovaya Str., 4, Nikolaev, Ukraine 54020

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  • Customs support services

Turnkey customs clearance of cargoes and property, which cross the territory of Ukraine. 

Broker services
We provides our clients with customs broker services so as to deprive them of long and tedious customs clearance procedures.

Services of veterinarian and customs inspector posts
Complex of veterinarian and customs inspector posts is one of the unique features of the terminal.

Getting of the necessary permissions and certificates:

  • CCI expert conclusion;
  • Certificate of Origin of products;
  • sanitary-and-hygienic conclusion;
  • veterinary certificate;
  • environmental declaration;
  • phytosanitary certificate;
  • quarantine certificate;
  • export control service conclusion;
  • Certificate of Conformity.

Providing with information and consultations:

  • consultations on the optimal drafting of external economic contract;
  • consultations on customs tariffs (customs duties and custom charges on imported or exported production);
  • consultations on non-tariff regulation (necessity of getting of additional permissions);
  • consultations on possible benefits for customs duties, taxes payments, and terms of their getting;
  • consultations on correct filling customs documentation, required for the passing through customs border of Ukraine (СМR, Carnet TIR);
  • definition of commodity codes on UCG Foreign Economic Activities;
  • calculation of customs payments.

Enterprise accreditation at customs.

Filling out an agreement letter.

Payment of customs duties from the current account of our company, in case of advance payment from a customer.

Filling of cargo customs declarations.